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1810 Historically Important Georgian Parure

1810 Historically Important Georgian Parure

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A historically important Georgian Parure

The set consisting of a rivière necklace, pendant, earrings and a single buckle. Each is set with vibrant foil backed chrysoberyl stones.

English, circa 1810

This set is attached with a label stating “ This set of jewellery was given as a wedding present to his wife (Nee Kerr) by Sir Humphrey Davy. 11th April 1812 “

Born in Penzance, Cornwall Sir Humphrey Davy was professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution, 1802-13. Davy undertook groundbreaking work with gases and electrolysis and in 1807 he demonstrated the existence of potassium, sodium and chlorine with a galvanic battery. He also experimented with diamond combustion and invented the miner's safety lamp in 1815, becoming President of the Royal Society 1820-7. From his close friends Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey he absorbed the concept of 'Romantic genius', to which he aspired. With charm and entrepreneurial flair, he joined a new breed of celebrity scientists. His experiments at the Royal Institution were so charismatic that they became social events. Witnessing these, Mary Shelley took Davy as the model for Dr Frankenstein, the scientist who holds a terrifying secret of life-giving power.


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